Inherited Home Options?

If a loved one, family member or friend chose you to be the beneficiary of their estate and there is property involved,  that can be a good thing or a bad thing.  Think about having 2 mortgage payments, 2 sets of property tax payments, 2 sets of insurance payments, lawn upkeep, snow removal, squirrel removal … Continued

Loan takeover or Subject 2 what is it?

A subject 2 is when an investor takes over an existing loan in place from a seller.  The Investor makes the payments going forward on the loan.  Any mortgage, interest, and insurance payments are made by the investor.  Any utility, maintenance, rehab expenses going forward are typically paid by the investor.   The advantage to the seller is … Continued

Mobile home disaster turned sale?

We just bought 2 mobile homes (1 in Henderson, 1 in Franklinton) and these were quite interesting let me say 🙂There was 30 years of garbage inside a decent sized double wide (land was included so we do buy these. If land is not included, we really do not purchase them)  floor to ceiling trash.  I think … Continued

Moving Out Of State? 6 Steps To Think About

6 steps moving out of state: Make sure home buying company is reputable. Work with small business not big business Movers options. pod drop off cheapest.  Movers that come and move the boxes that you packed Movers that come and pack, ship, transport (do all the work) most expensive Title companies are moving a bit slower because of short … Continued

A Story about Pigeons and Home Alone?!

Remember Home Alone?  And Home Alone 2?Actually 2 wasn’t that bad I thought…for a sequel, it was super quality.Not quite like Godfather, where 1 and 2 are about as equally amazing, but Home Along 2 was solid.Kevin was lost in New York City by himself while his parents on accident flew to Florida.Anyway, as Kevin … Continued